Pieces of Eight Challenge

Lee has thought up another devious puzzle along the lines of Solve my t-shirt and Denise’s New Years math challenge.

The object of this challenge is to develop ten mathematical expressions that equal 8. You must use the digits 2, 7 and one other. This other digit must be a 0 in the first expression, a 1 in the next expression, a 2 in the next expression and so on, up to 9. You must use the 2, the 7 and the other digit once and only once in each expression. (Note: For the analitically challenged, solution(s) when the “other digit” is 2 will have two 2’s, solution(s) when the “other digit” is 7 will have two 7’s.)

You may use +, -, *, /, exponentiation, decimal points and parentheses.

Here’re the two known solutions when using 2, 7 and 1.

8=2+7-1=1^2+7 (2nd solution by John Stokes)
pieces of eight


  1. Due to the underwhelming interest we point you at


    If anyone out there has other solutions, speak up!

    For example, how ’bout


  2. Good puzzle. These are good stretchers for students working on their arithmetic skills. And still fun for more advanced mathematicians.

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