Which Mathematical Function Are You?

Lee tipped me off on a great Facebook time-waster: the Which Mathematical Function Are You quiz. You’ve done plenty of these viral quizzes before, but none so squarely centered on your geek heart. They ask you the standard personality questions. Sometimes the selections are worth a few giggles. Then they determine which mathematical function best fits your personality. I am apparently Gaussian.
my functionLee is apparently the Riemann zeta-function.

Mystery and wonder are your “prime” delights in life. You seek to apprehend all the hidden, complex patterns in the universe. Some think you are quirky, but they just don’t understand you: they have not learned to think outside the box, as you have. You are a misunderstood genius.

I’m curious how many functions the quiz outputs. Let me know what you got in the comments.


  1. I got sin(x).
    Your life has its ups and downs, but you doggedly keep going. You understand the importance of maintaining boundaries. You appreciate consistency and like to keep to a set routine. You’re the guy with the pickup truck who helps everybody move. People like you because you are reliable.

  2. mathfaery,

    Do you really have the pickup truck?

  3. Most of the questions didn’t have the answer I would have picked. I like avocados and eggs, maple and redwood trees, … It’s a nice horoscope, though, for someone trying to publish a book. ;> (Except for the crash, which already came, last fall, in my relationship with my son. I’ve been trying hard to cut back for his sake.)

    Exponential: e^x
    You’re a workaholic, a go-getter, a person who lives in the fast lane, all the time. Life keeps getting better and better, faster and faster. Some say you are headed for a crash, but you don’t fear burning out: the naysayers are just losers. A great future is in store for you. Keep reaching for the stars!

  4. I’m Gaussian too, but some of my friends are:

    Bessel Function: J_n(x)
    You believe deeply in Keats’ sentiment: ” ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ — that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” You like the ocean, the rain, the rhythms of nature. Life is not about making things but appreciating what is already all around us. You are in harmony with the world.

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