Love and Math

love and math

I caught a really promising book review for Love and Math by Edward Frenkel in the New York Times. I’m already 10 books behind on my reading list right now, but I think it’s about to be 11.


  1. What would I do w/o yofx? I’ve ordered the book.

  2. Well, I’m glad I bought it. I’ve got to read it again. One general comment tho. Despite the fact that author Edward Frenkel promises not to get too technical, the book gets progressively more “unreadable.” The work he’s doing in Quantum Theory etc. is impossible to explain w/o terms from Group Theory and beyond. I found myself skimming by Chapter 16.
    The main point of the book is clear tho. He talks about the Langlands Program. It’s an effort to find connections between seemingly unrelated fields that will give us a better understanding of how the universe “ticks.” He is clearly a brilliant man and if anyone is going to crack the tough questions out there, he’s at the head of the line.

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