Turning Point

Lee Bradley is at it again. This problem is inspired by one of his tutoring sessions in the ASC. Follow the link. Enjoy the goodness.

Thanks, Lee!

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  1. A solution to this problem is available from a link at the bottom of the page you get to if you go to the link above. When I told Hendree about this problem, he solved it by using WolframAlpha. The specific problem at the time was this:

    “The distance from New York to London is 3459 miles. A plane which travels at 500 mph when there is no wind leaves New York and flies toward London when there is a 15 mph tailwind. The pilot turns around at point P and heads back to New York. The trip from point P to New York took the same time as the trip from point P to London would have taken had he kept going. What’s the distance to the nearest mile from New York to point P?”

    Using distance/rate=time it can be seen that



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