The App I’ve been waiting for…

dragon box
There are a ton of great mobile apps that are beautiful, smart, and addictive that teach arithmetic and number sense. What I’ve been waiting for is an app do the same thing for algebra. Dragon Box is the first. It doesn’t handle the whole curriculum. It is really just focused on solving linear (and basic rational equations), but when you start one would never even know it. That is what is so awesome about it. It starts much like any other mobile game with some tutorials on the game’s dynamics. There are no x’s, no numbers anywhere. Slowly as you make it through the levels, the moves you make in the game start to be recognizable as the manipulations one does to solve equations, and the objects start to become numeric, and at the very end the variables start to appear. It is extremely well done. I encourage anyone interested in gamification or mobile ed to check it out. It’s a little expensive at $6, but for the first of its kind, it is worth it. I don’t regret buying it. I also hope WeWantToKnow is hard at work on other algebra games.

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