Math + Dating

I was hanging out with my cousins in Boston and in conversation they referenced a dating convention I’d never heard of. Apparently you’re not supposed to date anyone less than half your own age plus seven. So if I’m 40 right now, half my age is 20, plus 7 is 27. I can’t date anyone younger than 27. Being a geek, I immediately thought cool function!
f(x)=1/2x+7, where x is my age; keeps one from creepiness
It is interesting that this also sets an upper bound on who I can date. If I date an older person, I can not be less than 1/2 his/her age plus seven. So that means I can’t date anyone older than seven less than my age times two.
I found a cool graph of both one’s upper and lower dating limits at Bellesouth.

dating rule

Does any one know where this comes from?

(thanks Worth and Giana!)

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