Shopping + Math

becker's promotion 2

I’ve been driving past this sign on the freeway for the past month, and thought this problem up.

Say you’re in the market for a necklace. You want to give mom something nice for the holidays. At Beckers you find a great necklace, it’s only $100 and they have this awesome deal where you might get it free if it snows on New Years day. But before you buy, you step across the street to Lux, Bond, and Green. They happen to have the same necklace. If the LBG price is only $50 where would you purchase the necklace? I think that has a pretty easy answer, but what about if the LBG necklace costs $95. Where do you buy the necklace?



  1. I would buy the $100.00 necklace.

  2. Cool, but you have to tell me why, and you have to submit it to me through Edmodo.

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