Pondering Future Math Classes

I was blown away by this WolframAlpha demonstration in one of my feeds this week. It led me somewhat tangentially into a discussion with my College Algebra class about the future of math classes when algebraic solvers become as prevalent as the four function calculators everyone has in their “dumb” phones. If that prospect isn’t scary enough for math teachers, check this out. Natural language queries using Siri. Yikes!

The only part of my current assessments that is safe (for the moment) is the applied (word problem) section. Time to think up some new questions.


  1. Hi there

    I’ve been using wolframalpha etc to aid in my learning process at university – we’ve got these great technologies, we should probably start using them! I’m now working for a company that’s trying to use these technologies to aid teachers in the classroom around New Zealand – if interested, check the website I’ve listed in my details.

    I didn’t know that Siri could do calculus though….that’s awesome…I may consider getting an iPhone now!!!

  2. Awesome site, Gareth! Good luck with the venture.

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