SADMEP instead of PEMDAS

We write our expressions with the understanding that a reader will order the operations involved using PEMDAS, or as I like to write with my students P/E/MD/AS. This is a convention. On Mars though a very different convention is observed. They use SA/DM/E/P to parse their expression.
Question 1: How would a Martian evaluate the following expression?

We, of course, get 50 using PEMDAS, but what would the Martians get?

Question 2: How could we translate into Martian, so they end up doing the operations in same order as we do? How can we rewrite the expression so they evaluate it to 50? (Note: in my answer I took the Martian use of nested parentheses to be outside in, instead of inside out like ours–they’re Martians after all, and I couldn’t get it to work any other way :) )

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