Math + Cellphones

This blew me away. How could he not convince two people?


  1. Hendree,

    You should work for Verizon. They definitely need a math teacher.

  2. “Can you solve me now?”

  3. Anyone involved in billing in thousandths of cents should have to either pass a simple test or go to some basic orientation.
    Wow, so sad.
    These folks, and others who even know less, are the ones who need to have a grasp of the federal budget or banking reform in order to vote intelligently.
    To paraphrase Thomas Paine “Good luck with that democracy thing with all those nitwit voters.”

  4. Awesome paraphrase, what’s the literal quote? I take it that wasn’t Common Sense.

  5. A nation under a well regulated government, should permit none to remain uninstructed. It is monarchical and aristocratical government only that requires ignorance for its support.

    Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1792

  6. I love this! I am going to show this to my PreAlgebra class.

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