Mar 12

Cube, you (in)complete me

variations on incomplete cube

I could stare at this for hours.
via sadburro

Nov 11

I wonder….


I love it when geese and UFO’s fly in that perfect absolute value V pattern.

Found this over at Sadburro

Oct 11

Eggplant Fry + Math

absolute value fries
An absolute value fry was discovered in our basket of eggplant fries during the math department’s monthly meeting at Joey Garlic’s. Math is everywhere–even your junk food.

Jun 11

Spaghetti Junction


I found this great picture on Tumblr at Cheynesaw. I’m not sure where this is, but my family always hit one of these tangles on road trips going through St. Louis. My mom called them spaghetti junctions and it was always really stressful trying to navigate them. You had to read the signs like a medieval scholar to find the right lane, and all that merging. From an ariel view, they have a mathematical beauty that is completely distinct from the experience of driving through them.

Jun 11

Newest Member of the YofX family


Sorry for the late post this week, but I have a really good excuse. His name is Stefan Milward. Here are his numbers:

on 6/12
at 8:06pm
weighing 9lbs 15oz

Now if I could only get him to subscribe :)

Apr 11

Easter Ellipse


Here’s a little shout-out to my College Algebra class who deemed the vertically oriented ellipse the “Easter Egg” in last Thurday’s class. I’m not that creative so it really came in handy when I dyed eggs with my daughter. Who says you never use this stuff :)

Jan 11

MLK + Math

mlkingmug I ran across this image of MLK at The Wild Hunt. It’s a mugshot from the Birmingham Jail. What got me going about it? The number, of course. 7089….. There is a nice rising of the digits by one 7, 8, 9, ignoring the zero. I also wondered if it is prime. No, it’s factors are 1, 3, 17, 51, 139, 417, 2363, and 7089, making it a deficient number. Anyway, here is a list of somewhat random associations–some mathematical, some not so.

7089 is a value of n for which is smaller than any previous integer. (Thanks, What’s Special About This Number?)

7089 is the number of bill proposed to the House of Representatives by Danny Davis, called the Federal Prison Work Incentive Act of 2008. It never passed. (Thanks, Govtrack.us)

7089 is the number given to id the gene TLE2 transducin-like enhancer of split 2 (Say, what?) (Thanks, Entrez Gene)

Check out the Princess Tours 7089 Ultradome train car. Weird!

7089 is in a lot of integer sequences including the Tricapped prism numbers. (Thanks, OEIS)

Oct 10


Another mind blowing image on the Math World Flickr stream. It’s called Equilibrium by MyEcurve.

Sep 10

Cool Math Pic

calculus I found this pic on All Are Equal by Tenshi-no-pocky. It’s titled Calculus and is enough to make the left-brained misty eyed with nostalgia. The drawing’s done on graph paper (which you used about 8000 sheets of taking calc) in pencil (always in pencil!), and the young woman is in the official ‘my head is going to blow up’ position. Such were the joys! I want to do it all over again. Also check out the post. Who knew Snoop Dogg took Calc?

Apr 10

Easy as Pi

I was out shopping with the fam this weekend. Not only did I find a new belt, but look pi grill work on this set of table and chairs.