Dec 12

Math + Pasta


This book, Pasta by Design, moved right to the top of my holiday wish list. My two favorite things put together: math and pasta. Yum!

Thanks, Colleen for sending this my way!

Nov 12

Math + Folding

benj parker 2

I was down at Hartford’s Open Studio last weekend and ran into a fantastic artist that piqued my mathematical curiosity. His name is Benjamin Parker and he works by folding paper to create these stunning small works of art. Check out his work at any of these places.
He’s agreed to talk to one of my classes next semester about the mathematics that underlies his work. I can’t wait!

Nov 12

Graphing + Emotions

mood meter

I’ve seen this graph a couple of times in my daughter’s school. It breaks “mood” into two axises. Feeling is, the x-axis, and energy is, the y-axis. I’m not sure how psychologically valid this is. It would seem some moods might be hard to place; and vice-a-versa, some regions of the graph would be tough to map to an emotional state. For example, what emotional state would the origin be? However, the mood meter, like a lot of mathematical models, derives it’s usefulness from its simplicity. I had a great time bringing this into one of my Elementary Algebra classes the other day. Everybody was talking about their quadrant .

Nov 12

I heart equality


I know whoever created this bumper sticker was thinking of social equality, but I have to steal this for my classes. I passed by it on a bulletin board at Tunxis, and it honestly took me a few seconds to realize it wasn’t referring to mathematical equality.

Sep 12

Math + Graphic


I saw this walking out of my house this morning. It’s the back cover of one of my daughter’s preschool math primers. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but it made my day.

Sep 12

Math + Dating

I was hanging out with my cousins in Boston and in conversation they referenced a dating convention I’d never heard of. Apparently you’re not supposed to date anyone less than half your own age plus seven. So if I’m 40 right now, half my age is 20, plus 7 is 27. I can’t date anyone younger than 27. Being a geek, I immediately thought cool function!
f(x)=1/2x+7, where x is my age; keeps one from creepiness
It is interesting that this also sets an upper bound on who I can date. If I date an older person, I can not be less than 1/2 his/her age plus seven. So that means I can’t date anyone older than seven less than my age times two.
I found a cool graph of both one’s upper and lower dating limits at Bellesouth.

dating rule

Does any one know where this comes from?

(thanks Worth and Giana!)

May 12

Trig + Cosby

cosby trig

Rob Clark sent this trig joke over. It makes me wish Bill Cosby was my math teacher. Just look at that face!

Thanks, Rob.

Apr 12

Math + Sol LeWitt

I was presenting at Post’s Shaping the Future Conference last Friday. Post held the conference at the Mattatuck Museum in downtown Waterbury. I had no idea the museum had so many works by Sol LeWittt there. It was sometimes tough to concentrate on online education. Here is a snap of one of the sculptures. It reminded me of one my posts just a few weeks back.

Apr 12

Math + Chalk


Whoa, this class looks tough!

pic via Sadburro

Apr 12

Sine + Sink

sin sink

I found a sine sink at the Brevard County Zoo on spring break in Florida last week. Need one for my house. That would be the ultimate in math home decor.