Nov 14

Magic Square

magic square

I caught this beautiful new stamp on the Guardian. I wish I could have a poster of it for my office.

Oct 14

Sheet Music

sheet music

This is Sheet Music Montage, Coney Island 1950 by Harold Feinstein. I found it via Sad Burro. I’m not sure why, but the patterns and reptitition in this image speak to my mathy sense of beauty

Sep 14

Desmos + Math

I was really blown away with Desmos. They just keep getting better. I found out this week they have apps now for i0S and Android and let you upload pictures. I was trying to figure out the parabola of my smile here. I uploaded my headshot and used a slider to play with the leading coefficient. Looks like I’m y=0.4x^2

Mar 14

A Math Rocket

math rocket

I found this cool retro sci-fi book cover on Sadburro. I wish I could get my car loaded up with formulas like this.

Feb 14

Mean Math


I’m not sure where he got this, but my old student, Jay, sent this very funny (and slightly mean) use of math by a teacher fed up with students using mobile devices. It kind of reminded me of google’s email goggles as a creative use of math for everyday problems. Thanks, Jay!

Jan 14

Math + Emotional States

math emotions

I wish I could get this poster for my new office. Found on iMathmaticus.

Nov 13

Visualizing Math

Stick this in your feed reader and love it. I just found an awesome Tumblr called Visualizing Math that collects all manner of math visualizations from all over the web. I especially the gifs like the above example (might need to click on it to see).

Apr 13

Trapezoid Control Console

photo (1) The trapezoid is definitely an underused shape in design. Whenever I stumble on one, I notice it immediately. Check out the trapezoidal control console in my brother’s apartment. I’m also starting to wonder if I have a stove top fetish? This is surprisingly not my only post on the matter. Is there help for that?

Jan 13

Factor Rainbows

factor Rainbow 2

I’m quite familiar with factor trees (below), but walking into my daughter’s school the other day, I saw my first factor rainbow. I love this visual. I think I have to start using it in my factoring trinomials unit.


Dec 12

Math + Present Wrapping


Having just finished wrapping my wife’s xmas present, I found myself wondering why I’m so bad at doing solving something that is basically a surface area problem?