Found Math

Feb 12

Math + Flowers

found functions

I love this series of simple pics with functions mapped over them. Visit Nikki Graziano’s site and see her 6 other Found Functions. I hope this collection continues to grow. Please, please, please….

Feb 12

Math + Stovetops


I go conic sections crazy every time I look at the range in my mother’s house. Let’s see, there are ellipses, hyperbolae, and even a circle made from 4 ellipses. Well done General Electric!

Jan 12

Shopping + Math

becker's promotion 2

I’ve been driving past this sign on the freeway for the past month, and thought this problem up.

Say you’re in the market for a necklace. You want to give mom something nice for the holidays. At Beckers you find a great necklace, it’s only $100 and they have this awesome deal where you might get it free if it snows on New Years day. But before you buy, you step across the street to Lux, Bond, and Green. They happen to have the same necklace. If the LBG price is only $50 where would you purchase the necklace? I think that has a pretty easy answer, but what about if the LBG necklace costs $95. Where do you buy the necklace?

Jan 12

Math + Childhood


Guess who has sigma eyebrows? Clifford, why didn’t you say something earlier?

Oct 11

Found Math

pi in brooklyn

Katherine Socha finds this walking through Brooklyn. Maybe it was written by the same man or woman who left this tip.

Pi tipper

Note: only one of these is these is technically true, but I still love them both.

Oct 11

Eggplant Fry + Math

absolute value fries
An absolute value fry was discovered in our basket of eggplant fries during the math department’s monthly meeting at Joey Garlic’s. Math is everywhere–even your junk food.

Jul 11

Math + Secrets


I have to admit I’m a PostSecret voyeur. For the uninitiated, people send in their secrets on postcards and each week PostSecret blogs the best ones. I know I shouldn’t but I love my Sunday Secrets. I got a double thrill this week when the above math confession came in. What’s your math secret?

Jun 11

Math + TV


This came out of a comment Nick posted on Sue’s Sequence Puzzle. Nick said the puzzle was originally from a Simpsons episode. In trying to track down which one, I found this unbelievable site detailing all Simpsons math references–and there are a lot. It is called Prepare to lose a couple of hours.

Dec 09

Found math

book cover001
I found this great old 1984 book cover in the discard pile at the Avon library.

Dec 09

Solve my t-shirt

wrd prob t-shirt
This week’s problem of the week was found…at a t-shirt shop? Math really is everywhere.