Cool Calculators

Nov 14

Desmos adds Regression

The web’s coolest graphing utility becomes cooler by adding regression. Take the tour.

Sep 14

Desmos + Math

I was really blown away with Desmos. They just keep getting better. I found out this week they have apps now for i0S and Android and let you upload pictures. I was trying to figure out the parabola of my smile here. I uploaded my headshot and used a slider to play with the leading coefficient. Looks like I’m y=0.4x^2

Aug 13

Glam Calculator


I was in a Mazda dealership buying a new car the other day when the service manager broke out this rhinestone beauty. I think I lost my negotiating position at that point. I started asking her about it. She said the best thing about it is that it is the first calculator that the other (male) sales associates wouldn’t steal off her desk.