Feb 13

Math + Rap

This is a great story of a high school math teacher using rap to lift algebra off the page a little. Here is his YouTube channel so you can check out some of the videos mentioned in the NPR story above.

Thanks, Colleen, for sending this my way!

May 12

Math + Song

I just dropped my first single, as my students would say. Check me out. I think with a little auto tune I might be taking over the top 40.

Sep 11

Math + Rap

My Facebook friends gave this video some serious love. It is definitely a novel way to teach factoring. Other hits from Westerville South High School include, Getting Triggy With It and Do the Quad Solve. Just try not to dance :)

Sep 11

Give Me a Sine

If you are blocked on how to ask that cute girl in your math class out, something like this might do the trick. (Lisa, is that a ukulele?)