Feb 14

Mean Math


I’m not sure where he got this, but my old student, Jay, sent this very funny (and slightly mean) use of math by a teacher fed up with students using mobile devices. It kind of reminded me of google’s email goggles as a creative use of math for everyday problems. Thanks, Jay!

Jan 14

Math + Emotional States

math emotions

I wish I could get this poster for my new office. Found on iMathmaticus.

Nov 13

Math + Jokes

sad parallel lines

I get sent math jokes all the time. Just check my FB wall. I feel like I’ve seen them all. This was new to me though. Kinda sweet and funny? Thanks, Sue, for sending it my way.

Sep 13

How to Catch a Lion with only a Graduate Degree in Math or Physics

This is an all-time classic math gag that I wasn’t even aware of until Lee at Prime Puzzle sent it over. Ralph P. Boas Jr. under the pseudonym H. P├ętard published this lark, A Contribution To The Mathematical Theory Of Big Game Hunting. The subtitle should be How to Catch a Lion with only a Graduate Degree in Math or Physics. He outlines 9 methods from mathematics, 4 methods from theoretical physics, and 3 method from experimental physics.

Here is a an example from math:
The Bolzano-Weierstrass Method. Bisect the desert by a line running N-S. The lion is either in the E portion or in the W portion. Bisect this portion by a line running E-W. The lion is either in the N portion or in the S portion. We continue this process indefinitely, constructing a sufficiently strong fence about the chosen portion at each step. The diameter of the chosen portions approaches zero, so that the lion is ultimately surrounded by a fence of arbitrarily small perimeter.

Check out all the methods over at Lee’s site.

Sep 13

A Few Puns

Some call it the lowest form of humor, but puns will never go away. My friend Lee sent over this list of metric measurement puns that is sure to tickle your favorite comedic guilty pleasure.
Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 3.43.42 PM

Jun 13

Math Jokes Explained

This is a cute Numberphile to use with your students. It is a short fun episode that explains the math behind some of the most common math jokes.

Jul 12

Math + Dance

Just in case you want to bust out any math dance moves at this year’s fourth of July party, here is a handy cheat sheet via Memebase.

Thanks, Lee, for sending it over.

May 12

Word Problems + Headaches


I had a couple of students send this in. I’ve definitely been there myself. Some of the word problems in textbooks really make you wonder (or jump out of a window).

Thanks, Lori and Nilsa :)

May 12

Trig + Cosby

cosby trig

Rob Clark sent this trig joke over. It makes me wish Bill Cosby was my math teacher. Just look at that face!

Thanks, Rob.

May 12

Math + Song

I just dropped my first single, as my students would say. Check me out. I think with a little auto tune I might be taking over the top 40.