Feb 10

Math and Usage

mcphee001 Swiss nuetrality is something else that fascinates me. I just finnished a slim edition called La Place de la Concorde Suisse by John McPhee. The only mathematical highlight was an unreduced fraction four-tenths of a marathon. Tisk, Tisk. (Not that I should bust anyone on usage.)

Jan 10

Dr. Seuss + Math

cat and hat001 Reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to my daughter and found a Dr. Seuss poem that’s palindromic by stanza (except for the punch line)…”Daddy, what’s a palindrome?”

Nov 09


I found this interesting poem/game called Ergon/Logos via Ron Silliman’s blog. The work has been written such that it has vertices at which the reader can choose from one or more edges. ( I know we’ve seen this before.) What is interesting is the vizualization of this process. I won’t say more, just try it.

pic by Edge

Nov 09

Faulkner v. Hemingway

Found this interesting post comparing Faulkner and Hemmingway’s word length.

Nov 09


The newest book on my wishlist is Logicomix. A graphic novel about the history of math’s search for certainty. Probably the most exciting epistemic journey of all time. A little human drama, a little logical drama, and a lot of nice illustration. The above is Bertrand Russell.

Nov 09

Tunxis Putting On Proof

proof the play003
George Sebastian Coleman in all his coolness has brought Proof to Tunxis. Check out the play. The dates are actually the 20th and 21st.