math gear

Jul 14

Fractals and Furniture

fractal furniture

I’ve been shopping for furniture for the last two weeks. Why won’t my wife take me to a store with math furniture? You might say there is no such thing as math furniture, but you’d be wrong.

The above drawer system is called the fractal 23 by Takeshi Miyakawa.

May 13

MyScript Calculator

my script calculator

I recently downloaded the MyScript Calculator app. Some of you may have seen it on one of the iPhone commercials. It is the app that you write an expression and it recognizes the expression and typesets it perfectly. At least that is the way it works in the commercial. I think I suffer from fat fingers and poor handwriting because it doesn’t work quite as well for me. The idea is fantastic though, particularly for more complex expressions like CodeCogsEqn (13) that are easy to write, but hard to enter into your regular scientific calculator. Here is how it is supposed to work.

I hope the recognition improves. And it is free so I really shouldn’t be complaining at all. Here is the download link for iOS and android. Give it a try.

Mar 12

Math + Dice


The dice post of few weeks ago, reminded me of the Sicherman dice that Jay told me about a while ago. Sicherman dice are six-sided like our normal dice. If you roll our normal dice and add the two numbers together, some numbers occur often (7 is the most common) and some numbers occur rarely like 2. The question the Sicherman dice answers is is there anyway other way (besides our normal way) to label two dice with positive numbers and get the same frequency of 7’s, 2’s, 6’s….when we roll them. Pretty cool and you can actually buy them. Perfect for that stat-head in your life.

Jan 12

Drink Your Sums

the sum

I’m one of those lame guys who buys wine by looking at the label. I was in the package store this weekend and ran into a bottle with this label. I couldn’t pass it by.

Jan 12

Math + Dice

go first dice
Lee over at PrimePuzzle pointed me to this cool set of dice that a mathematician devised that decides in one roll who (for up to four players) goes first. The Go First dice are designed to produce no ties, and give everyone an equal chance at going first. What’s cool is that they work for 2, 3, and 4 players.

Questions: how would one construct such a set, and can we construct a set for larger numbers of players? Also, these dice look to be 12-sided. Could the same be done with only 4-sided dice?

Oct 11

Math + Cooking

graph paper cutting board

Trying to figure out what to get your favorite geek for pi day. Try this graph paper cutting board called the OCD chef from X-treme Geek.

Feb 11

More Math T-Shirts

Jay forwarded on some more math T’s. ‘Tan line‘ above is my favorite, but there’s also

Don’t drink and derive, Be real–get rational, and Can’t touch this

Gear up for your next math party!

Nov 10

Math + Jewelry

sin earringsMy office mate, Sue, came back from this year’s AMATYC in Boston with some seriously cool sinusoidal earrings. They’re no match for Bonnie’s earrings from the 2008 AMATYC though. There’s always next year, Sue!

Feb 10

Math + tats

pi day tat
As pi day approaches, show everyone you’re a hardcore geek with a pi day tat from Academic Tattoos.

Dec 09

Solve my t-shirt

wrd prob t-shirt
This week’s problem of the week was found…at a t-shirt shop? Math really is everywhere.