Nov 09


I found this interesting poem/game called Ergon/Logos via Ron Silliman’s blog. The work has been written such that it has vertices at which the reader can choose from one or more edges. ( I know we’ve seen this before.) What is interesting is the vizualization of this process. I won’t say more, just try it.

pic by Edge

Nov 09

Feeling Nostalgic

Here’s a shout out to an oldy but goody. I remember watching this in 7th grade. I just saw it again for the first time since. It still makes me dizzy.

Oct 09

50 Great Visualizations

The people over at Web Designer Depot have put together a list of 50 inspired efforts to visualize large sets of data. Be prepared to lose lots of time.

Sep 09

Graphs on Crack

use time
The NY Times put up this unbelievable interactive chart created from government data on how people use their time. I found it on a great feed call Junkcharts, dedicated to ridding the world of bad infographics. Check out their write up on the site. They expose some interesting relationships between demographic factors. The chart also kind of reminds me of a cool infographic posted on earlier using similar data for Japan. Does anyone know what the NY Times is using to render their graphic? Is it Processing like the Japanese graphic?