Jun 14

Math + Roomates

My father sent over this great article from the New York Times on using fair division to split up rent with roommates when all rooms aren’t equal. Not only is it a nice application of math that guarantees an “envy free” living situation, but the NYT did a bang up job with the graphics. There is a Wolfram like manipulative and they give you a calculator as well. Well done, NYT!

Jun 14

Math and Harmony

harmonic curves
I caught this beautiful graphic of harmonic curves over on sadburro.

Feb 14

Math + Fashion

inspiration equation

I always love running into math infographics in magazines. I was flipping through the fashion mag W and found there is a recurring inset called the Inspiration Equation. (It is always on the last page.) Some of the equations are pretty funny. One of them has a blowfish as an argument. The bad thing is that, not knowing fashion very well, I can’t tell whether they are serious about a blowfish inspiring a dress?

Aug 13

Factors + Dancing

This is a mesmerizing visualization of the prime factorization of the natural numbers. If you go to Stephen Von Worley’s site Data Pointed you get the full experience along with the ability to pause and skip forward and back. It would be very interesting to give these diagrams to students and see if they could produce a next in series diagram. If they could do that, the diagrams could be used as a way to introduce primes and prime factorizations.

Factor Diagram

I stumbled on it via Teq another great blog.

Mar 13

Facebook + Math

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 12.33.35 PM

The WolframAlpha Facebook app allows you to enjoy “the book” math-style. Network graphs, maps, posting frequencies. It is pretty awesome and a bit geeky. Enjoy.

May 12

Word Problems + Headaches


I had a couple of students send this in. I’ve definitely been there myself. Some of the word problems in textbooks really make you wonder (or jump out of a window).

Thanks, Lori and Nilsa :)

Mar 12

Cube, you (in)complete me

variations on incomplete cube

I could stare at this for hours.
via sadburro

Jul 11

Fantastic Natural Visualizations


As any of you know that have been following the blog for a bit, I’m a big fan of graphic design, especially when used to visualize data! I was really seduced by the simplicity and beauty of these visualizations. I picked them up on information aesthetics. The guy behind them is Jose Duarte, and the idea behind them is even cooler. He’s created a handmade visualization toolkit that is a box full of everyday items: balloons, string, etc. The items can be used to create most of our common visualization charts: pies, bars, and line graphs. The visual result is really provocative. I’d love to use this in one of my classes.


May 11

Super Power Relational Chart


This is a must blow up, reminding us, once again, how many ways there are to be super.

Via In the Meanwhile

Nov 09

Pirate Math

somali pirate 1
I love the presentation of this wired article. They use mathematical equations, graphs, and charts to explain Somali pirating.
somali pirate 2