test doodle

Feb 11

Fraction Doodle


I had a student last semester who was a prolific doodler. She was one of the few doodlers that actually doodled about math. This was one of my favorites.

Thanks, Nika

Nov 09

New Test Doodle

test doodle test 3 F09 095
I just got done giving test 3 in most of my classes. This is my favorite test doodle from this round. Instead of just leaving the problem blank, I got the paper version of an emoticon. I also feel vaguely like plugging something in. Are you feeling that, or is it just me?

Aug 09

Test Doodle

pali test doodle v3
I like palindromes, too, as long as they are A palindromes or B palindromes.

Here are a couple of doodles from the old blog (in case you missed them):
doodle 1
doodle 2
doodle 3