Nov 09


I found this interesting poem/game called Ergon/Logos via Ron Silliman’s blog. The work has been written such that it has vertices at which the reader can choose from one or more edges. ( I know we’ve seen this before.) What is interesting is the vizualization of this process. I won’t say more, just try it.

pic by Edge

Nov 09


The newest book on my wishlist is Logicomix. A graphic novel about the history of math’s search for certainty. Probably the most exciting epistemic journey of all time. A little human drama, a little logical drama, and a lot of nice illustration. The above is Bertrand Russell.

Nov 09


I found an awesome pic with accompanying haiku in the flickr mathworld group. The artist is catnapping and here’s your ‘ku’:

on one center
the totality of points
equally focused

Oct 09

Kandinsky + math

The Guggenheim is currently running a Kandinsky exhibit. My mother went and all I got is this postcard. (Just kidding, mom.) She was thinking of us in geek-land. Kandinsky apparently exploited the flipped orientation of the positive and negative 3 symbols, assuming that viewers would correct the orientation in their minds thereby giving the painting motion. Bet you didn’t know you could do that with the integers.

Oct 09

Upon reflection…

perfect reflection
Enjoy this perfect reflection that I found on Flickr by Zoot42. Tough to believe it’s not photo-shopped.

Oct 09

Math, what’s not to love?

math + love

pic by Jearvi on flickr.

Sep 09

Looking for New Math Pics

IMG_0619I’m such a flickr junkie. I decided to search Picasa’s community and see what I could come up with for math pics. This was the first thing I found. The caption read: magnetic table + sand + metal ball + math = ART. All I want to know now is how they made it? Anybody know?

photo by pbarry

Aug 09

Algorithmic Art

cats eye
A student I ran across during registration put me onto this interesting algorithmic art site (prepare to waste time) called Algorithm Ink. The code is even open so you can mess around with your own drawings. Thanks, Brian!

Aug 09

Plus, meet Minus

plus and minus
This is one of my favorite all-time illustrations. Check out Luc Melanson’s website for more great work.

Aug 09

Bridges Exhibition of Mathematical Art

Droplet #7 I had a great morning browsing the work exhibited at the 2009 Bridges Exhibition of Mathematical Art. The above image is called Droplet #7 by Mark Stock, and is one of many stunning images in the exhibition. The exhibition is apparently held yearly in conjunction with the Bridges Conference on Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science. Start prepping your entries for next summer’s conference in Pécs, Hungary.