Dec 11

Descent of the quadrilaterals

descending quadr

I found this stunning image over at Sadburro. It kind of messes with me and inspires me all at once.

Nov 11

I wonder….


I love it when geese and UFO’s fly in that perfect absolute value V pattern.

Found this over at Sadburro

Aug 11

Polygon + Art


I love this series of pixelated animals by Laura Bifano called Menagerie. She has prints at her Etsy shop!

Apr 11

Will Pogany’s Mother Goose

pogany mother goose

I ran across these stunningly mathematical illustrations at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. They are from Will Pogany’s Mother Goose. Follow the link to their post. The above is not the only one. This guy seemed obsessed with symmetry. I feel like I could teach a whole class on his work.

Dec 10



I want this on a t-shirt! Beautiful. The illustrator is Bobby O’Herlihy. I found it on flickr though.

Oct 10

Escher at New Britain Museum of Art

escher_ascending-and-descending For those of you in the area (central CT), one of the fall’s major math happenings is the Impossible Reality exhibit of Escher’s work at the New Britain Museum of American Art. “The exhibition will be organized into multiple sections among them Impossible Worlds, Infinity, Metamorphosis and Tessellation,” says the website. Infinity, Metamorphosis (read transformation), and Tessellation; all mathematically sexy words. It’s only on until 11/14. See you there!

Oct 10


Another mind blowing image on the Math World Flickr stream. It’s called Equilibrium by MyEcurve.

Sep 10

Cool Math Pic

calculus I found this pic on All Are Equal by Tenshi-no-pocky. It’s titled Calculus and is enough to make the left-brained misty eyed with nostalgia. The drawing’s done on graph paper (which you used about 8000 sheets of taking calc) in pencil (always in pencil!), and the young woman is in the official ‘my head is going to blow up’ position. Such were the joys! I want to do it all over again. Also check out the post. Who knew Snoop Dogg took Calc?

Feb 10

Math + Drawing

I found this post on a drawing blog, and felt right at home. Check out out all the geometry and ratios in this tip on perspective drawing.

Feb 10


happy nodes
I found the opening slide for my next lecture on graph theory. Check out the Taxali 300 exhibition for more great illustration.