Nov 14

Magic Square

magic square

I caught this beautiful new stamp on the Guardian. I wish I could have a poster of it for my office.

Oct 14

Sheet Music

sheet music

This is Sheet Music Montage, Coney Island 1950 by Harold Feinstein. I found it via Sad Burro. I’m not sure why, but the patterns and reptitition in this image speak to my mathy sense of beauty

Jun 14

Math and Harmony

harmonic curves
I caught this beautiful graphic of harmonic curves over on sadburro.

Feb 14

Geometry + Doors

There is nothing too simple to rethink. Thank you, geometry!

Dec 13

Euclid and Graphic Design

On BrainPickings I came across a review of an absolutely stunning version of Euclid’s Elements. Produced in 1847 by mathematician Oliver Byrne, the book is obsessively visual like the proof below of the Pythagorean Theorem. I would love to find a poster for my office. Sadly Google came up empty. I did happen to find another 2010 review in the NY Times. You can also buy the book on Amazon. Maybe a holiday present for that geek in your life?


Nov 13

Math + Art

bianca chang

Here is an artist I feel certain will move your mathematical little heart. Check out Bianca Chang’s stunning gallery site. I came by it thanks to Chad Wys on Tumblr.

Aug 13

Math + Synesthesia


This is the newest book on my must read list. It is a series of essays by Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant and synesthete, about his perception of mathematics as more closely woven to the phenomenal world. Check out the review from Brain Pickings.

Nov 12

Math + Folding

benj parker 2

I was down at Hartford’s Open Studio last weekend and ran into a fantastic artist that piqued my mathematical curiosity. His name is Benjamin Parker and he works by folding paper to create these stunning small works of art. Check out his work at any of these places.
He’s agreed to talk to one of my classes next semester about the mathematics that underlies his work. I can’t wait!

Apr 12

Math + Sol LeWitt

I was presenting at Post’s Shaping the Future Conference last Friday. Post held the conference at the Mattatuck Museum in downtown Waterbury. I had no idea the museum had so many works by Sol LeWittt there. It was sometimes tough to concentrate on online education. Here is a snap of one of the sculptures. It reminded me of one my posts just a few weeks back.

Mar 12

Cube, you (in)complete me

variations on incomplete cube

I could stare at this for hours.
via sadburro