Apr 14

Beauty + Math


Here is a clean well done video that triptych’s the real world, equations that model it, and a graphic representation. It is really well done. Parachutes’ whole Vimeo channel is really nice. Check out the Symmetry-a palimdromic film especially

Jan 14

Jump Math

I caught a NY Times editorial on Jump Math and got curious. There are a lot of curriculums that claim to significantly improve student math performance. What intrigued me most about Jump Math is that it claims to push the extremities in a given class together. I hadn’t heard this before. That sounds fantastic. Imagine if you got everyone in your class working at a B+ to A level? That got my attention. Has anyone worked with this curriculum?

Jan 14

Where did X come from?

Did you ever want to know why X is the symbol of choice in algebra for representing an unknown quantity? Here is the quick crazy history.

Dec 13

A Rubik’s Cube the Size of a Building

Puzzle Facade from Javier Lloret on Vimeo.

This isn’t properly math related, but I can’t help it. This device for turning building facades into Rubik’s cubes is too geektastic not to post. I promise a post on set theory next week to make up for it :)

Sep 13

Illegal Numbers…and colors?

Here is a really interesting video from Numberphile about the evolving legality of numbers. I hope you don’t have any illegal numbers in your collection. And thanks to Jay for sending over this Wikipedia article on them.

Jun 13

Great Video Sources for Math

Free Technology for Teachers has put together a nice list of video resources for math teachers. You’ll see a couple like Numberfile that I link to often.

Jun 13

Math Jokes Explained

This is a cute Numberphile to use with your students. It is a short fun episode that explains the math behind some of the most common math jokes.

Mar 13

Math Museum

Geek out! We have our own museum now. Thanks, Carol, for mentioning this segment in the halls. I can’t wait to visit.

Feb 13

Origami + Math

This TED talk blew my mind if for no other reason than the way math, art, and science can suddenly and unexpectedly flow together in the same direction. Thanks to Benjamin Parker who sent it my way.

Feb 13

Math + Rap

This is a great story of a high school math teacher using rap to lift algebra off the page a little. Here is his YouTube channel so you can check out some of the videos mentioned in the NPR story above.

Thanks, Colleen, for sending this my way!