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Jan 14

Math + Emotional States

math emotions

I wish I could get this poster for my new office. Found on iMathmaticus.

Dec 13

Still Fighting After All These Years


Infinity has always been controversial for mathematicians. Scientific American has a great article on the continuing debate. These questions and dilemmas have a special place in my heart. It was the first part of mathematics I’d seen that was as interesting as philosophy, my first love. It is a good read. I hope you enjoy.

Nov 13

Visualizing Math

Stick this in your feed reader and love it. I just found an awesome Tumblr called Visualizing Math that collects all manner of math visualizations from all over the web. I especially the gifs like the above example (might need to click on it to see).

Oct 13

Is Math Real?

I remember taking a Philosophy of Math class as an undergrad, and it was the first time I ran into the question, is math real? Or maybe a more nuanced way of putting it is, what kind of reality does it have? This video surveys the most popular theories. Warning, in case you have a lot to do today, you can wonder about this one a long time.

Sep 13

Show Me the Money?

majors-earnings I caught a great Planet Money podcast about the relative earning potential of different degrees. Engineering and applied math careers are always at the top of the these lists, but thanks to data from the last census, we are able to see just what the difference is. The graph above is a thumbnail sketch. I recommend listening to the podcast. The Planet Money team always does a fantastic job.

Jul 13

Building Estimation Skills

Estimation 180 is a great site for building estimation skill. I can see using this at the beginning of class to stimulate thought. Best of all the site works great on mobile devices.


Jun 13

Math Trail

Math Trail is a really interesting idea. It is an math themed scavenger hunt using google maps. There are different hunts you can do and they are centered on different mathematical themes. Check out the demo.

via Free Tech for Teachers

Jun 13

Curious Units

Units have been going through my mind a lot lately. I ran into this on Futility Closet. It made me speculate what a Hendree unit might be? Doesn’t everyone deserve a unit named after them? Any suggestions?

Jun 13

Great Video Sources for Math

Free Technology for Teachers has put together a nice list of video resources for math teachers. You’ll see a couple like Numberfile that I link to often.

Jun 13

Math Jokes Explained

This is a cute Numberphile to use with your students. It is a short fun episode that explains the math behind some of the most common math jokes.