graphic design

Jul 11

Fantastic Natural Visualizations


As any of you know that have been following the blog for a bit, I’m a big fan of graphic design, especially when used to visualize data! I was really seduced by the simplicity and beauty of these visualizations. I picked them up on information aesthetics. The guy behind them is Jose Duarte, and the idea behind them is even cooler. He’s created a handmade visualization toolkit that is a box full of everyday items: balloons, string, etc. The items can be used to create most of our common visualization charts: pies, bars, and line graphs. The visual result is really provocative. I’d love to use this in one of my classes.


Mar 11

R&J, a classic math tragedy

lit venn

There are a lot of cool Venn’s out there. This has to be one of my favorites though. The bad thing is I can’t remember where I found it. Leave a comment if it’s yours or know “from whence it came.” (The spirit of the bard taketh over) :)

Jan 11

Teaching Math for Liberal Arts

Teaching a lot of visually sensitive graphic design majors in Math for Liberal Arts over the past 3 years has finally taken it’s toll. I was jotting out a couple of pie charts the other day, and just couldn’t help it.

Dec 10

Mathematical Nonsense

nonsense mathMy daughter is a fan of the “If you give a x a y” childrens books. We checked out Time for School, Mouse! from the library, and I got to this page and was immediately curious. Some of the expressions seem well formed, like , others seem like nonsense, . Anyone recognize anything familiar in there? Could this be an instance of math-washing, using the veneer of mathmatical coolness for one’s own non-mathematical ends?

Dec 10



I want this on a t-shirt! Beautiful. The illustrator is Bobby O’Herlihy. I found it on flickr though.

Nov 10

I’m feeling sixy today!

sixy I ran into this today and it gave me a geek-giggle.

Feb 10


happy nodes
I found the opening slide for my next lecture on graph theory. Check out the Taxali 300 exhibition for more great illustration.

Jan 10

Math + Love

Valentine’s day is coming be ready. Here’s the perfect gift for that geek/nerd in your life.

nerdloves math

Dec 09

Found math

book cover001
I found this great old 1984 book cover in the discard pile at the Avon library.

Dec 09

Mathematical Beefcake

einstein beefcake001
Sue is always on the look out for mathematical beefcake. She hit the jackpot with this GMC add. The tag line: Ideas Are Sexy Too.