graphic design

Jun 14

Math + Roomates

My father sent over this great article from the New York Times on using fair division to split up rent with roommates when all rooms aren’t equal. Not only is it a nice application of math that guarantees an “envy free” living situation, but the NYT did a bang up job with the graphics. There is a Wolfram like manipulative and they give you a calculator as well. Well done, NYT!

Jun 14

Math and Harmony

harmonic curves
I caught this beautiful graphic of harmonic curves over on sadburro.

Mar 14

A Math Rocket

math rocket

I found this cool retro sci-fi book cover on Sadburro. I wish I could get my car loaded up with formulas like this.

Feb 14

Math + Fashion

inspiration equation

I always love running into math infographics in magazines. I was flipping through the fashion mag W and found there is a recurring inset called the Inspiration Equation. (It is always on the last page.) Some of the equations are pretty funny. One of them has a blowfish as an argument. The bad thing is that, not knowing fashion very well, I can’t tell whether they are serious about a blowfish inspiring a dress?

Dec 13

A Rubik’s Cube the Size of a Building

Puzzle Facade from Javier Lloret on Vimeo.

This isn’t properly math related, but I can’t help it. This device for turning building facades into Rubik’s cubes is too geektastic not to post. I promise a post on set theory next week to make up for it :)

Apr 13

Math + Self Help

how to be interesting

My awesome roommate gave me How to Be Interesting for my birthday. It is kind a self-help/inspirational book. (I can’t imagine why she thinks I need help.) The cool thing about the book is all the Venn-Diagram and graphs to explain all the points. Thanks, Sue!

Nov 12

I heart equality


I know whoever created this bumper sticker was thinking of social equality, but I have to steal this for my classes. I passed by it on a bulletin board at Tunxis, and it honestly took me a few seconds to realize it wasn’t referring to mathematical equality.

Oct 12

Math + Advertising


I wish the pic I took was slightly better, but here is a Southwest Airlines ad I caught in their in-flight magazine. I doesn’t make any sense as a graph. I have to give them points for a cool visual though.

Sep 12

Math + Graphic


I saw this walking out of my house this morning. It’s the back cover of one of my daughter’s preschool math primers. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but it made my day.

Mar 12

Cube, you (in)complete me

variations on incomplete cube

I could stare at this for hours.
via sadburro