Jan 15

Last Post on Wordpress

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.10.51 PMHey, I wanted to let everyone know that YofX is moving over to Tumblr. As my blogging style has morphed over the years WordPress has been a tougher and tougher fit. What you can expect on the Tumblr incarnation of YofX is a more visual experience with increased posting frequency–I’m aiming for about one post a day. Here is the URL for the new YofX
and here is the rss with which to subscribe. I hope to see you over there.

Dec 13

Forest of Math

forest of math

I ran across a post on Futility Closet of a large scale art project in Finland. An artist built a small artificial mountain and planted 11,000 trees spiraling around it in golden ratio beauty. I will definitely pay a visit if I ever get to Finland. I started thinking what other sites would qualify as math tourism sites. My brainstorm was a short one.
The Bridges of Konigsberg. (Sadly there are no longer seven.)
The Brougham Bridge. (Where Hamilton first carved his quaternions.)
The Museum of Math in NYC

There has to be more, but I’m blocked. Help!

Oct 13

Infinite Chocolate

chocolate bar

This gif (double click to play) came up in my google+ feed this morning and was bugging me out. Luckily I found this post to explain the trick. The area of the missing piece is sufficiently spread out to make the the smaller area seem visually similar to the original area.

Aug 13

MathAlive! in Hartford

math alive

For those of you in the area, don’t miss the MathAlive! exhibit at the Connecticut Science Museum in downtown Hartford. It is only here until September 1st. It has got some really cool exhibits. My favorite was the 360 degree camera that makes you feel like Neo from The Matrix.


Jul 13

Circle the Cat Game

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 3.03.30 PM

Ready to lose whatever time remains in your work day? This cute little cat will mess with you. Good luck in Circle the Cat.

Apr 12

Math + Sol LeWitt

I was presenting at Post’s Shaping the Future Conference last Friday. Post held the conference at the Mattatuck Museum in downtown Waterbury. I had no idea the museum had so many works by Sol LeWittt there. It was sometimes tough to concentrate on online education. Here is a snap of one of the sculptures. It reminded me of one my posts just a few weeks back.

Feb 12

Math + Flowers

found functions

I love this series of simple pics with functions mapped over them. Visit Nikki Graziano’s site and see her 6 other Found Functions. I hope this collection continues to grow. Please, please, please….

Dec 11

Mega-magic Square

magic square

Jay sent over this unbelievable magic square. I’d never seen one this large. Even better than the square was the blog he found it in, Futility Closet. It some sort of wierd mix of math and culture. I’m full out addicted.

Thanks, Jay!

Nov 11

I wonder….


I love it when geese and UFO’s fly in that perfect absolute value V pattern.

Found this over at Sadburro

Mar 11

Fibonacci Solid

fib solid001
I was laying down to sleep the other night and started thinking about a fibonnaci solid. It would be an n-dimensional rectangular object in which the length in the n-dimension would be the n+1-th member of the fibonacci (you gotta skip zero). The picture above is of the first three solids. Those are pretty sweet dreams, huh!