Apr 14

Brackets + Math


On the heels of UCONN’s surprising win, here is an article about a Davidson professor, who has created a whole course around the mathematics of bracketology. That is a course I’d love to take.

Mar 14

Mobile is Coming…Finally!

wolfram alpha logo
I just got back from the ICTCM math/tech conference. I had a great time and learned a lot. Two things I wanted to pass on. Both MyMathLab and Mathematica are going to be viewable on mobile devices. I had actually heard about MyMathLab for a while now. The news about Mathematica was new though. I’m really excited because you can create such amazing manipulatives for students. The problem has been that those manipulatives have been locked into Mathematica’s CDF format. And admittedly anyone can get a CDF viewer for free by downloading, but who wants to deal with that! I’ll be implementing it in my online classes a ton now.

Mar 14

Peg + Cat


This fall PBS started a new math cartoon, Peg + Cat. It is preschool math, but it is so well illustrated and written that I never mind watching it with my kids. It is nice to see a high quality math show mixed in among all the early literacy shows.

Mar 14

A Math Rocket

math rocket

I found this cool retro sci-fi book cover on Sadburro. I wish I could get my car loaded up with formulas like this.

Feb 14

Geometry + Doors

There is nothing too simple to rethink. Thank you, geometry!

Feb 14

Math + Fashion

inspiration equation

I always love running into math infographics in magazines. I was flipping through the fashion mag W and found there is a recurring inset called the Inspiration Equation. (It is always on the last page.) Some of the equations are pretty funny. One of them has a blowfish as an argument. The bad thing is that, not knowing fashion very well, I can’t tell whether they are serious about a blowfish inspiring a dress?

Feb 14

Mean Math


I’m not sure where he got this, but my old student, Jay, sent this very funny (and slightly mean) use of math by a teacher fed up with students using mobile devices. It kind of reminded me of google’s email goggles as a creative use of math for everyday problems. Thanks, Jay!

Feb 14

Function Fun

function carnival

Function Carnival is the coolest site I’ve ever seen to develop graphing intuition among students. If you are a math teacher, doing the walk through at the top of the page is a must. It is so clever. This is the second thing Desmos has released in the last 6 months that has blown my mind. Check out this other post on modeling.

Jan 14

Math + Emotional States

math emotions

I wish I could get this poster for my new office. Found on iMathmaticus.

Jan 14

Jump Math

I caught a NY Times editorial on Jump Math and got curious. There are a lot of curriculums that claim to significantly improve student math performance. What intrigued me most about Jump Math is that it claims to push the extremities in a given class together. I hadn’t heard this before. That sounds fantastic. Imagine if you got everyone in your class working at a B+ to A level? That got my attention. Has anyone worked with this curriculum?