Jul 14

Math and Twitter

What can a math teacher find out about math from Twitter? I loved this Deb Costello post. I used to do the same thing before google shuttered real-time search. I loved pulling up “math” at the beginning of my classes to see all the post/updates that rolled in. It was always good for a laugh.

Jul 14

Great Mistakes

I caught a cute feature about Einstein on NPR. It is a quick 4 minute listen. It should make you feel better the next time you make a sign mistake to know that you are in great company.

Jul 14

Math + Myth

I caught an interesting article in Quartz about aspects of American culture that make it a challenging culture in which to learn math. I definitely don’t agree with all their conclusions, particularly about requiring algebra for all, but I agree with the basic observation: the problem of math education has almost nothing to do with the intelligence students.

Jun 14

Monkeys + Math

I caught a really interesting article in Science about researchers using monkeys to try and understand how the mammalian brain represents numbers. Who knew monkeys can do so much math?

Jun 14

Math + Roomates

My father sent over this great article from the New York Times on using fair division to split up rent with roommates when all rooms aren’t equal. Not only is it a nice application of math that guarantees an “envy free” living situation, but the NYT did a bang up job with the graphics. There is a Wolfram like manipulative and they give you a calculator as well. Well done, NYT!

Jun 14

Math and Harmony

harmonic curves
I caught this beautiful graphic of harmonic curves over on sadburro.

May 14

Math and Brain trauma

I would never wished to get mercilessly beat outside a bar, but if I did it would be awesome to become a math savant. Rob Clark sent me a wild story of a man named Jason Padgett. Padgett wrote a book about the experience of going from someone who went from having trouble to a number theorist in a short space of time, Struck by Genius. Thanks, Rob, for sending that my way!

May 14

The tides of the the quadratic formula

quadratic search

I’m teaching the quadratic formula right now in my classes and just ran across this on my Tumblr. This is the number of google queries for the quadratic formula over time. As Charmed as Charmander says, “It repeats in the same pattern every year. Down in summer, up in September, down again in December and up again in spring time before going down again in the summer.” It makes sense that there is a pattern. It amazes me just how regular it is.

Apr 14

Beauty + Math


Here is a clean well done video that triptych’s the real world, equations that model it, and a graphic representation. It is really well done. Parachutes’ whole Vimeo channel is really nice. Check out the Symmetry-a palimdromic film especially

Apr 14

Brackets + Math


On the heels of UCONN’s surprising win, here is an article about a Davidson professor, who has created a whole course around the mathematics of bracketology. That is a course I’d love to take.